The Jansen Group


Backyard Retreat

Project Overview

Plan: Create a low maintenance yard with natural greenery and stone.

Challenge: The homeowners wanted a hot tub incorporated into the plan, but didn’t want it to stand out. The yard needed to incorporate privacy and be easy to maintain.

Result:  In order to create a natural, yet vibrant effect we added heaps of natural stone and hearty plants and shrubs into the landscape as the homeowner is a busy professional and time for gardening is limited, but loves being surrounded by greenery.

The hot tub was recessed in the ground below grade and surrounded with natural boulders to make it appear as though it was an effortless feature of the environment. Looking out the basement window the hot tub disappears into the natural landscape. We also created an elaborate drainage system to ensure proper water management.


  • Natural stone, paving stone, boulders
  • Mulch and other natural ground covering
  • Crushed rock paths
  • Hot tub, drainage system and surround
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Large firepit area with natural slate
  • Stone edged garden beds
  • Natural stone stair case to easily access the backyard