The Jansen Group


Balancing Act

Project Overview

Plan: Create a multi-level space that is usable and safe.

Challenge: The back yard bordered on a steep ravine that threatened to swallow their landscaping.

Result: To make the yard usable, we first had to stabilize the edge of the yard with a new retaining wall. We had to factor in soil erosion and water management and with the help of a structural engineer were able to create a structural stone retaining wall.

We were then able to create multiple seating areas and make use of all valuable space in the yard, adding trees, shrubs and edging all green areas.


  • Fencing
  • Mulch and other natural ground covering
  • Multiple retaining walls
  • Natural stone patios and rock features
  • Seating and hot tub areas
  • New desk skirting
  • Low maintenance greenery
  • Stone edged garden beds