The Jansen Group


Customized Commercial Property

Project Overview

Plan: Create a functional landscaping design for a welcoming and well-traversed entrance.

Challenge: Redesign an inviting landscape that highlights the facility and encourages patrons to travel on well laid out walking paths.

Result: As you can imagine, the Tri-Leisure Centre did not shut down when we were working. We worked tirelessly to make sure the area was safe for pedestrians, and that the project was completed efficiently.

We needed a low maintenance design that was welcoming, and incorporated multiple walking paths throughout the landscape to encourage people to avoid the grass and greenery areas. Large rocks and berms were added to discourage short-cuts, and we also crafted Armour stone retaining walls, with stone trucked in from Ontario. We built a soothing 6-foot-tall bubbling rock water feature and planted over 9000 square feet of sod. The total time spent on site was just under 4 weeks start to finish and was perfectly on schedule and budget.


  • Sod
  • Water feature
  • Dozens of trees and shrubs
  • Multiple walking paths
  • Retaining wall
  • Mulch and other natural ground covering