The Jansen Group


Urban Retirement

Project Overview

Plan: Create an easy-to-navigate and low maintenance yard for retirees.

Challenge: The one-acre property was bare and needed to be completed within four short weeks.

Result: We designed this property to be low-maintenance and functional for our clients who wanted their own retirement sanctuary. Large, fully grown trees were added to enhance the beauty of the yard, as were over 350 shrubs and perennials.

The client requested a huge vegetable garden with a 2-foot concrete surround, and fertile soil. For the requested “no-trim” lawn we added over 2000 linear feet of concrete edging around the yard. To combat our time crunch we thought outside the box and brought in a rock-throwing truck to get the job done professionally, and quickly.

We were thrilled to win the Award of Excellence from Landscape Alberta for this project.


  • Stone furniture and features
  • Mulch and other natural ground covering
  • Concrete garden surround
  • Vegetable garden with soil, compost and fertilizer
  • Large seating and firepit area
  • Lamp post
  • Shrubs and perennials
  • Mature trees
  • Sod