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Warranty & Guarantee

Our promises to you.

The “No Cost-Creep” Guarantee

What we quote is what we charge.

From detailed estimates to clear and proactive communication, The Jansen Group guarantees an experience that will simplify your life — not complicate it. 

We back up our expertise and experience with a “no cost-creep” guarantee. What we quote you is what we charge you. No questions asked.

Our Service Guarantees

The Jansen Group Promise

We want you to relax and experience the confidence that comes from knowing your project is in the right hands. That's why we created the Jansen Group Promise:

Expect professionalism.

We make sure you experience a high level of professionalism, promising clean trucks and uniforms, on-time appointments, clear communication and knowledgeable crews.

No surprises.

On-time and on-budget is our standard. We work closely with you to develop a detailed proposal that clearly outlines scope, budget and milestones — and we deliver on it. Our proposals are written in clear language, explaining what is and isn't included in your project.

Completely custom.

No two spaces are the same. Our design team will lead you through a proven process that puts you at the centre, resulting in a design that reflects your lifestyle, aesthetic taste and personality.
Our Warranty

We back up our work for three years.

3 years on all workmanship.

If you choose to care for your own landscape, all workmanship carries a 3-year warranty.

Next Steps

A seamless process and beautiful landscape await.

Here’s what you can expect after your first call.


Create a detailed landscape design tailored to your lifestyle.


Approve guaranteed estimates and timelines for construction.


Watch your property transform under our expert care.

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You’ll be surprised how smooth a large landscaping project can be when it’s managed right. To get started, fill out the form below, call 780.399.4200 or email